Wild Rose Ganache Chocolate With Pearl & Goji

Wild Rose Ganache Chocolate With Pearl & Goji

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This chocolate brings inspired moments to your day, encouraging you to rest, indulge guiltlessly and let love and good vibes flow through you

A delicious ganache with Bulgarian Rose Oil for a truly decadent experience. Spiked with Micro-ground pearls (yes, actual pearls) which are an ancient Chinese beauty tonic said to mineralise and nourish the skin from the inside out, complete with a soft centre and edible organic rose petals. Let’s not forget about the Goji, one of the most potent antioxidant known to humankind for skin health.

It’s chocolate with benefits - you’ll actually taste and feel the difference!


cacao paste, cacao butter, tahini, coconut blossom nectar, coconut blossom sugar, wildcrafted goji extract (10:1), wildcrafted pearl extract (10:1), rose essential oil, *celtic salt

All ingredients are organic unless otherwise *noted


Pearl to foster inner and outer radiance, This heavenly powder delivers the body an array of beneficial minerals including calcium, iron and zinc. Supports the functioning and quality of our body’s collagen and sparks transformation in our hair, skin and nails with powerful anti-aging and antioxidant abilities.

Goji fruit is revered for its youth promoting and anti-aging power. deemed the ultimate youth serum, transforming the skin and vital organ systems to support lifelong vibrancy. Helps to relieve anxiety, boost memory and rejuvenates the liver to support whole body detoxification.

Size: 30g 

!!May contain traces of nuts!!


*Always read the products packaging and ingredients for updated information, potential allergies and/or gluten inclusions etc before consumption as BLOOM BERRY cannot be held liable*

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