About Us


BLOOM BERRY wants to be the bridge to fond memories, special occasions and happy thoughts, we want to bring back the personal sentiment of selecting or creating the perfect gift for your loved ones milestones, moments and special occasions.

In short - BLOOM BERRY wants to make moments matter!

We live in a fast paced world, where often a special moment is rushed through and the gifts become an after thought like the - "I'll just grab something for them after work" we are all guilty of it, We forget how precious these moments really are - it's just the nature of the fast paced lifestyles we tend to lead in todays world, but we want to bring back the sentiment of a moment, of a memory, of something cherished and joyous - we want want to help you gift your loved ones with a moment of pause, a smile, a reflection, a moment of gratitude and a memory that will be everlasting through our gifts.

We want the world to get excited for and in those "small" moments again.

Remember when you were a child and you'd get that soul fulfilling excitement before Christmas morning? That's what we want people to feel!

In the end, all we are left with are the memories we have made in life and BLOOM BERRY wants to be there to help share the emotion, to help create those memories, we want to add something extra to it, something personal.

So go with a gift that emits an emotion, that adds to a memory, not just a budgeted charge on your card. 




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