About Us

Get to know a little about us and why we got into gifting in the first place.

About Us & Our Mission

In today's fast-paced world, cherished moments often pass by in a rush, and as a result, gifts can become an afterthought. We've all been guilty of the last-minute "grab something after work" kind of gifts. It's easy to forget or take for granted the true value of these precious moments. This is simply a consequence of the busy lifestyles of today.

That's where BLOOM BERRY comes in. We are here to transform convenient gifting into a fun, thoughtful, and memorable experience. Our goal is to reignite the sentiment of a moment, a memory, something cherished and joyous. In other words, we want to be the bridge to fond memories and special occasions by helping you gift your loved ones with more than JUST a gift. At BLOOM BERRY, you're also giving your loved ones an experience, a moment of pause, of appreciation, of reflection or gratitude, through our carefully curated gifts. Each one is designed to evoke emotion and ensure it creates everlasting memories.

Why Gifting?

The things about us is, we are passionate about rekindling excitement for the "small" and big moments in life again. Remember the soul-fulfilling anticipation you felt as a child on Christmas morning? That's the feeling we want you and your loved ones to experience again on their special occasions and in all of life’s milestones. With a BLOOM BERRY gift, create an unforgettable experience to mark the occasion.

In the end, all we are left with are memories. At BLOOM BERRY, we strive to be there with you, sharing the emotion and creating those beautiful lasting memories. Choose a gift that emits an emotion, that contributes to a beautiful memory, and ensures its everlasting impact.

Make Moments Matter

Join us on this journey to celebrate life's precious moments and make them truly remarkable with BLOOM BERRY. Let us help you capture the essence of each occasion, leaving you and your loved ones with memories to treasure forever.

Thanks for learning about us and why we do what we do.


BB Team